About me and

                                                     About me

I graduated in Economics and Social Studies at Manchester University
and qualified as a chartered accountant in London,England.
I have worked in financial roles in the chemicals and manufacturing industries in the UK and over the last ten years,in financial,commercial and technology roles in the telecoms and technology industry covering Europe,Middle East,Africa and Asia.

I have been a guest speaker at 3i Venture Capital Conference in Singapore and a guest speaker at Interop,Japan,the leading global technology event in Tokyo.

I currently reside in Hong Kong where I have permanent residency status. 

                                                                     About this site

This website will offer considered analysis as to which companies could outperform the stock markets over the long term ie likely outperformance of these companies in relation to stock market indices,over three to five years.

It will list the stocks that I own and will track how it performs in relation to various market indices and various funds.

This site will not recommend penny stocks,shorting stocks,options trading and will NOT promise “doubling your money in six weeks” or “tripling your money in one year” or hot tips on buying companies that have never made a profit in their business lives.
This site will not claim to know the answers to the Universe and unlike other stock investing sites,will not be making money by trying to sell you,stock investing newsletters.

I will also provide commentary on observations that I have on various industries,countries and socioeconomic trends given my  experience and background.










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